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Intelligent Merchandising

Drives retail sales and creates a competitive edge by improving your execution and sell thru’s at retail.

How Does Intelligent Merchandising Differ from “Traditional” Merchandising?

• Revenue Creations is the only company that analyzes weekly by-store sales data from the retailer to direct merchandising efforts at the right doors. Others perform “blanket servicing”, allocating service based on the sales volume of the retail door.   For example, they will service "A stores" twice a month, "B stores" once a month and "C stores" every other month.  There is no adjustment based on sales trends or inventory levels.  Some high volume stores never need servicing because they excel at execution.  Intelligent Merchandising effectively targets those stores that need the most help.

• Before we begin to Intelligently Merchandise, we visit stores to determine execution issues. This allows us to formulate a strategic merchandising plan where the agent can be most effective.  We measure the impact of the investment and adjust as needed, dramatically reducing unnecessary merchandising. 

Why are Revenue Creations Merchandising Agents Better Than the Competition?

• We pay our agents more than our competitors, so as to attract the best talent.  We constantly train in the field and measure success, culling out ineffective agents.   Our agents cover a wider territory; this repetition reinforces the needs of the client and leads to improved results.

• Our proprietary online feedback system between agent, manager and upper management raises performance levels and increases meaningful communication. 

• Unlike others, Revenue Creations agents are never held to a preset time to complete their mission.   We  monitor each agent  to make sure that the sales impact justifies the hours worked, and realize that every store visit is not the same.  The competition will bill for the preset time agreed upon, whether the call should have taken 30 minutes or 2 hours.

• Revenue Creations is the only merchandising company that measures their agents’ individual performance. This helps to motivate the better agents and weed out the non-performers.

         Return on Investment

• Every week, we measure overall ROI for our clients in terms of additional units/dollars sold due to Intelligent Merchandising.  Typically the Return on Investment is anywhere from 3x-10x the cost of the merchandising.

• No contracts are required.  If Intelligent Merchandising is not more than paying for itself, we shut down the program before the client does.

Intelligent Merchandising Delivers:

  1. Significantly Increased sales on replenishment programs

  2. Improved retail sell thru rates on seasonal programs

  3. Reduced returns, lower markdowns & increased market share

  4. Measurable results that are easily verified

  5. Improved relationship with your retailer!

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